Please contact the support team to approve and make us aware of the transfer request.

The new indirect provider will need to use one of the following Microsoft IDs to submit the request to Vuzion.

  • Vuzion UK = 9307b72b-965d-4f3b-94a8-407b22fa7a67
  • Vuzion Ireland = f868cdd1-65b8-45c3-a2b1-27d31bcaf071

Once the transfer has been completed, the Foreign Principle access will need to be removed from the subscription before it is cancelled in Vuzion Core. If the cancellation order is submitted in CORE whilst the access is still present, the subscription will be deactivated in the Azure portal.

Useful info.

  • A transfer request is valid for 30 days.
  • Azure reservations can be transferred alongside the Azure subscription(s).