1. Active customer account in Vuzion CORE.
  2. The customer has accepted the partner invite link.

Vuzion will submit the transfer request to the current indirect provider on behalf of the customer via the Partner Center. In order to submit this request, please log a case with Vuzion support and provide the following information.


Customer name: (The name of an admin user for the customer account)

Customer email: (Email address of the above user)

Current partner name: (Current indirect provider)

Current partner Microsoft ID: (The Microsoft ID of the current indirect provider - The current partner can find their Microsoft ID by navigating to Account Settings and Selecting Azure AD Profile)


The transfer request will be submitted to the current indirect provider to accept. Once accepted, the Azure subscription (+ reservations) will be transferred to Vuzion. The support team will then import the transferred Azure subscription(s) into Vuzion CORE.

Useful info.

  • Each transfer request is valid for 30 days.
  • The losing provider will have the option to transfer all or specific subscriptions and/or reservations.
  • Only active subscriptions can be transferred.