1. Login to the Vuzion CORE system and you will land inside your Reseller UX1.
  2. Click on “Customers” à  “Subscriptions”
  1. Find the relevant subscription from the list (use the search and filters if needed)
  2. Click “Change”
  3. From here you can simply increase/decrease the licenses within the NCE policies as desired. In the event you wish to schedule the change order to take place in the future (upon the renewal/expiration date), use the pencil option below
  1. This will open an additional box giving the choice on when this change order should action.
  1. If “Immediately after confirmation” is chosen, the order will process and charge immediately. If “On subscription auto-renewal day” is chosen, the order will go into an “Activation Scheduled” status and will not charge or process until the relevant renewal/expiration date.
  2. Click Apply and the message will update
  1. Continue to play the order as normal by clicking Next à Next à Place Order

Please Note: Vuzion renew your NCE 365 subscription 2 days in advance as an acknowledgement with Microsoft of a continuation of term. Please ensure you have placed all "Scheduled Orders" before this renewal order is generated or your scheduled changes will not take effect until the next expiration date (renewal will put your expiration date forward by resubscribing to the term).