Unknown Error occurred in the Microsoft Application Error when attempting to increase or decrease license amounts:
For Legacy CSP Subscriptions we are currently seeing a common issue when partners are attempting to increase license counts for Legacy CSP Subscriptions. When attempting to upgrade the license counts it will allow you to add the licenses but when you click next it will return: "Unknown Error Occurred in the Microsoft Application"
The way you can tell if this is a new NCE Subscription or a legacy CSP subscription will be by the plan title. NCE plans will always contain NCE COM and then the Billing Term Either MTH or ANN. Legacy CSP subscriptions will not have this prefix. We do have current workarounds for both increasing and Decreasing the license count for these Legacy subscriptions.
1. Click on the Microsoft 365 Tab
2. Select manage under licenses in the top right-hand corner
3, Click Buy More on the required subscription
4. Enter the new limit required for the subscriptions
5. Click Buy and then Confirm 
For Downgrading there are 2 options If you have the Classic Panel Option when you log in as your partner account you can downgrade these yourselves:
1. log in to
2. Click Classic Panel
3. Click Billing
4. Click Customers on the Left-hand side
5. Select the customer account
6. Click Subscriptions
7. Select the subscription in question
8. Click Resources
9. Click on the tick box next to the resource
10. Click the upgrade resource limits option which will now become available
11. Enter - and then the amount you wish to downgrade
12. Click Next and then Place Order
If you do not see the Classic Panel Option, or you have any problems if you Email with the below information we can downgrade these subscriptions for you:
Customer Name:
How many Licenses you require to be removed:
We can then action this for you and confirm back via email