1. Log in to Vuzion CORE


2. Click the Customers tab along the left navigation pane.


3. Click Log In alongside the customer you wish to administer.



4. You will now be inside the Customer Control Panel (CCP).


5. Click Marketplace on the left navigation tab.


6. Using the categories, search for Azure and select Azure Plan V2.



7. For a new tenant Select “Register a new Microsoft Azure subscription with a new Microsoft Domain” Specify a .onmicrosoft domain. This will be used to set up the new O365 Tenant and the default admin which will have access to the Azure subscription.



8. If this is your first purchase for NCE Azure, you will be required to enter your reseller MPN ID (Microsoft Partner Number) and partner tenant domain. Go to the Vuzion control panel at your reseller level and select the tab reseller authorisation. Select requires attention and enter your reseller MPN ID.



For security reasons, we strongly recommend any admins that have access to the Azure subscription are enrolled in MFA and follow the recommendations laid out in the article below

Security Fundamentals

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