With New Commerce Experience (NCE) subscriptions, the Base Plan and the Add-on licenses are all separate subscriptions. The steps below will show you how to add or remove licenses within a customer’s control panel.


1. Click on the Customers tab, then click Login beside the customer's name. 

2. Click Account along the left-hand side, followed by Subscriptions.


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3. Click on the subscription you wish to modify the licence count for and then under Resource Limits and Usage, select  Change




4. Scroll down to the bottom. Under Adjust Options next to the resource you wish to either upgrade or downgrade or type in the desired new limit.




5. Select  Net, the order will automatically process, and you will be notified within the customer control panel once this has been completed.


Please note that with NCE or New Commerce Experience Subscriptions you have 7 days (from the point of the order) to remove licenses. You can only remove licenses that were added within that 7 day period. After the 7 days, you are no longer able to downgrade the license and will have to keep this until the end of the current subscription term. Please double-check any orders with the customer before processing the order to ensure they are happy with the license count being increased.

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